Prenatal Care

Pregnancy care in English in Steglitz/Berlin

It’s good to get to know each other as soon as possible, so check in early. I see women in the Kiezhebammen Steglitz Midwifery Practice at 10 Grünewaldstr, 12165 Steglitz. We organize a session sometime between the 32th and 36th week of pregnancy in the family house to check the baby layette to see if everything is in place or whether something is missing.
Mostly, we meet every four weeks.

At these meetings, I provide the so-called “Hilfe bei Beschwerden”, a help service responding to complaints, I examine the baby through the abdominal wall, I listen to the heart sounds and answer any questions that may arise.
I suggest taking the childbirth education classes with me too, in case your German is good, but if it is not possible, following the classes in the hospital we will discuss when to go to the hospital / birth center, when to call the midwife and the basics of breastfeeding.

I also have the capacity for postpartum care in Berlin at the following postcodes PLZ 12157, 12159, 12161 – 12163 – 12165 – 12167 – 12169 – 12247 – 14195 and everywhere I can get to within 20 minutes by public transport from the Kiezhebammen Steglitz  Midwifery, at 10 Grünewaldstr  20165 Steglitz.