Following the birth, Postpartum care

postpartum care

After the baby is born, I visit the mother and baby at their home, whether in case of home birth, ambulatory birth, or hospital discharge. If necessary, I also perform newborn screening, which is usually performed by the pediatrician as part of the U2 examination while you are still in the hospital. During the first 10 days I visit daily (up to two visits per day), then the frequency of visits decreases to 2-3 times a week, then to weekly visits.

Support in breastfeeding until the end of nursing – most mothers I visit breastfeed their baby on demand.

Newborn baby and Umbilical Cord Care

I will help you understand and recognize the signals of your newborn baby.

I will supply you with information on diapers, disposable or washable ones.

In Germany the first bathing is done after the fall of the umbilical cord stump, I will give you tips for shared bathing.

I will keep an eye on your baby’s growth.

I will monitor the mother’s womb regression, support the wound healing.

I will provide help with choosing the right type of carrier and help you to learn the very first way to tie a carrier

I will teach you moves and exercises after childbirth that can be done in the early days, too. I provide counseling when it is time to introduce solids.

Teaching you about the natural family planning method.