About me

Midwife Ditta Maroy

I am Ditta Maróy, a mother of three children.

I am Hungarian, I have become a midwife in Pécs after the beautiful birth of my big children in 2009. I have been living and working as a midwife in Berlin since September 2018, until June 2019 I worked at the Birth Center in Charlottenburg.

I found the meaning of my life when I became a mother, this is how I became a doula, a childbirth educator, a family tutor, a baby swim instructor, an AquaNatal instructor (a water gymnastics with yoga and belly dance elements) and a midwife. I also practice a field of Reiki.

I am amazed at the changes that come with pregnancy and childbirth in the life of a family, and I support families on this way. The miracle of childbirth still fascinates me.